We know that choosing an early care and education program for your child is a very important decision. The program you choose will lay the foundation of how your child grows, interacts and learns. It is our top priority to ensure that our centers meet the highest standards of quality childcare, that’s why The Merit School is 100% committed to the accreditation process.  The Merit Schools are accredited through AdvancED or NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children)


The AdvancED Standards

The AdvancED Standards, which are the highest-level accreditation institutions can achieve within the early learning arena, highlight best practices for early childhood education of young children. They include:

  •     Use of developmentally appropriate practices
  •     Focus on learning, growth and development
  •     Focus on cognitive, emotional, social, creative and physical growth and development
  •     Relationships between young children, staff and parents
  •     Preservation of the child’s dignity in care routines
  •     Health and safety in facilities, space and activities
  •     Respect for self and others

Both are independent and nationally recognized programs that have been supporting educational programs that strive for excellence. The accreditation process evaluates each school on the following criteria:

  • Administration
  • Staff Development
  • Working Environment
  • Development Program
  • Curriculum
  • Outdoor & Indoor Environment
  • Health & Safety
  • Parent & Community Relations

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