Nutrition & Health

The Merit School places an exceptionally high emphasis on child care health & wellness with all of our children and facilities.



  • Each morning, a health assessment is made of every child. 
  • To prevent any diseases from spreading, we continue to monitor for symptoms during the day and notify parents when a child is too ill to stay at school.


  • All toys and other materials are disinfected on a scheduled basis.
  • Teachers undergo training procedures in diaper changing and food preparation.
  • All Merit Schools maintain strict health and safety cleaning codes, and each school is throughly cleaned and sanitized each night.

  • The practice of hand washing is mandated for staff and children several times throughout the day.


  • All staff members who dispense medication must complete a medication administration course, taught by a registered nurse who is Commonwealth-certified in medication administration training.
  • We have strict policies for administering medication to your child to ensure they are protected.
  • We require a doctor’s note for any medication.
  • Medications are stored securely out of the reach of children.

Nutrition & Meals 


  • We serve a hot, homemade breakfast and lunch daily. 
  • The afternoon snack is served after naptime for our younger children. 
  • School-age children are served breakfast before school and a snack after school.
  • A high nutritional standard is used for all the food prepared. 
  • Milk, fruits, sources of protein (meat, fish or cheese), and vegetables are components of each daily menu. 
  • Our meals and snacks meet the nutritional standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child Care Food Program.
  • Meals at The Merit School are served “family style” as servings are delivered to each table and children spoon out their individual portions, pour their own beverage and pass the  food to each other.
  • Children assist with setting the table and clearing the table at the end of the meal. 
  • Teachers sit and eat with the students and encourage table conversation.
  • This style of dining teaches good manners, decision-making, and learning to serve others.

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