Advanced Concepts at The Merit Schools



Advanced Concepts for a Better Future

The Merit School has partnered its primary school locations (Prince William and Stafford) with Advanced Concepts for a Better Future.  Advanced Concept teaching is a new and revolutionary method of instruction that is making a positive change in elementary education.  As a leader in private school education, The Merit School prides itself on participating in the latest and most advanced methods of education that will better prepare your child for the future.  Advanced Concepts teaching recognizes the changes that are occurring in our world and continues to adapt its program to meet the needs of today's generation of students.  The Merit School is proud to say that Advanced Concepts teaching provides students with a unique experience like no other.  With Advanced Concepts for a Better Future's curriculum model, each classroom follows the Virginia Standards of Learning, utilizes the latest Pearson textbooks and online instructional resources, develops an Advanced Concept that exposes students to the possibilities of the future, provides students with a myriad of field trip opportunities to reflect both the Advanced Concept and general subjects, and also provides a framework that promotes continuous positive parent/teacher communication.



The Merit School of Prince William  (K-3rd Grade)

14308 Spriggs Road, Woodbridge, VA 22193


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The Merit School of Stafford  (K-5th Grade)

1001 Parkway Boulevard, Stafford, VA 22554


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