First - Fifth Grade

1st - 5th Grade Program Location: 1001 Parkway Boulevard, Stafford

1st - 3rd Grade Program Location:  14308 Spriggs Road, Dale City

The Merit School’s First through Fifth Grade promotes the growth of each child’s mental, physical, emotional, social and ethical maturity. Students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of integrity and respect for self and others.  The classroom is large, colorful and educationally enriching and streams with natural light from the floor to ceiling windows. So many opportunities abound in this room. Chances for friends, independence and self-discovery happen here. We focus on creating an atmosphere where each student feels safe to reach out and explore.

A degreed teacher leads the Merit School's First through Fifth Grade program.  The small class size allows the teacher to give individualized attention and carefully monitor each child’s academic and social growth and is always happy to talk to parents.
Our first graders have opportunities each day for spending time in Merit School’s creative playground, soccer field, and basketball court.  Click here to see our Merit of Stafford 2nd and 3rd grade students at work!

Features of The Merit School First-fifth Grade Program

  • A strong academic curriculum
  • PALS Testing
  • Parent Conferences
  • Small class size
  • Educational Field trips
  • 21st Century Technology
  • Advanced Concepts (offered at The Merit School of Stafford)
  • Extended care program with after school activities
  • Virginia SOL



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