Junior Kindergarten Programs

Junior Kindergarten for Four and Five Year olds

The Merit Schools offers Jr. Kindergarten for four year olds, and five year olds who do not make the September cutoff for public or private school Kindergarten and who have completed a preschool program.

Children drawing in kindergarten classroom


Our Jr. Kindergarten students explore the various aspects of literacy development to include stories, letters, sounds and words. Literacy skills are presented in large and small group settings and integrated into science and social studies lessons. An array of math manipulatives makes number concepts and simple operations a hands-on experience. Hand writing skills are built through directed lessons using creative tactile materials. Social skills are developed through center play time, as well as snack and playground time. Technology instruction begins in January as our computer teacher introduces the students to basic computer operation and use.

Junior kindergarten teacher overseeing student


  • DLM Early Childhood Express
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Technology
  • Reading and Math Readiness Software
  • Math Their Way 
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Word Time
  • Scholastic Technology Keys
  • We follow the Virginia SOL math standards and focus on a goal a month.