Kindergarten - 5th Grade Education



Kindergarteners will participate in a hybrid STEM program that is blended with Accelerated Teaching methods.

            Advanced Concept for kindergarten is Earth Science.

  •             Themed in class activities that focus on hands on and complex thinking skills.
  •             Planned field trips that will reinforce in class lessons.

First - Fifth Grade

First-Fifth grade classrooms are based on Advanced Concepts for a Better Future and Accelerated Teaching methods.

            Advanced Concepts for each grade level are as follows:

  •                         First grade: Environmental Science
  •                         Second grade: Medicine and related sciences
  •                         Third through fifth grade: Global Studies

Students in first-fifth grade will participate in themed in class activities and field trips that reflect the Advanced Concept for the class.

Advanced Concepts

To learn more about Advanced Concepts for a Better Future and Accelerated Teaching, click here:

Additional curriculum materials for first-fifth grade for math, science, and social studies are provided by Pearson.

Reading materials for Kindergarten-2nd grade are provided by Benchmark Literacy.

Reading materials for 3rd-5th grade will comprise of novels that are grade appropriate.

Benchmark testing for first-fifth grade is conducted by the classroom teacher three times per school year. Each teacher utilizes the mCLASS Reading 3D and DIBELS Next assessment tool provided by Amplify.

Assessment data and teacher observations are used to drive instruction and to develop differentiated instruction as needed.

Specials include: P.E., Art, Music, Computer, and Spanish