Kindergarten Program | The Merit School

Program Locations:  1001 Parkway Boulevard, Stafford

14308 Spriggs Road, Woodbridge

In the Kindergarten Program, children become readers and writers!  Alphabet recognition, phonics, concept of word, and beginning spelling and writing skills are taught daily in small and large group settings.  The PALS assessment is administered in the fall, winter and spring to identify the student’s reading skills and plan instructional goals.  Handwriting is taught using a variety of writing materials and practiced through daily journal entries.  Math is a hands-on event, as the children learn number concepts, number operations, and problem solving skills.  Computer access is available within the classroom and in the lab.  Their busy day is balanced with center time, outdoor play, family style lunch, nap/ rest time and social studies and science explorations.



  • Kindergaren STEM Hybrid
  • Advance Concept
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • TEMA Math Assessment
  • PALS Assessment
  • Brenchmark Literacy