Montessori Programs for three to five year olds

The Merit School's Montessori program is designed to assist young children develop the fullness of their individual potential in a warm and nurturing environment.

This program allows children to learn  at their own pace, ensuring the students become confident learners in an environment where they are unafraid to challenge themselves. This experience lays a strong foundation for the students’ future academic years as they transition into public or private schools.

Spanish Immersion Montessori Programs are offered at The Merit Schools of Broadlands, Merit School of Gainesville and The Merit School of Parkridge. 

Our Montessori Program offers:

  • Safe and Secure Environment
  • Trained, Experienced Teachers
  • Well Equipped Classrooms with specialized Montessori materials
  • Creative Playgrounds
  • Learning Centers, Story Time, Interactive Play
  • Independent, self-directed learning and self assessment
  • Mixed age groups of students
  • Parental involvement encouraged


Sensory Education

Students learn through the senses by sorting, matching and comparing objects by shape, touch, taste & sound.


By using number rods, golden beads and spindle boxes, students learn to understand and express  mathematical terms.

Cultural Studies

Through the use of globes, puzzle maps and flags, Montessori students study and understand other cultures, people and countries. Elements of the Natural World are also taught through pictures and the use of Three Part Cards.

Creative Arts

Music, arts & craft, storytelling, movements and drama activities are an integral part of the Montessori classroom.

Literacy Skills

Students learn literacy skills through the use of materials like Sandpaper letters, Sound Cylinders and Moveable Alphabet to form letters and words.

Practical Life

Children are taught special skills to be independent, capable and self-reliant.

Montessori Principles

  • Freedom of choice with responsibility
  • Foster independence and self motivation
  • Developing character and positive self image
  • Instructive materials
  • Respect for all life and diversity


Our PREP students learn to use technology as a resource tool as they participate in problem solving activities reinforcing their understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  Your child will be exposed to Spanish as the language is incorporated throughout the day in songs and games to train the ear and the brain for additional language learning.


Kid Steps Montessori Flyer