Preschool Readiness Enrichment for three and four year olds


Preschoolers are taught language and listening skills and math concepts through small group times. . Our primary curriculum source for teaching language and listening skills is More Story Stretchers.  Children begin to recognize their name in written form and develop social skills communicating with each other and with the teacher. Math concepts are taught through the Count On Math curriculum, where children learn math skills by interacting with a variety of manipulative toys. Coming together for music and songs, science, story time and poetry, these preschoolers develop confidence in being part of a group.


The day begins with a morning message where students are introduced to our Big, Bold, Beautiful Word. Here, your child will know what to expect for the day’s learning as the teacher emphasizes the power of words to the preschool class. During facilitated learning centers, your child will be guided with inquiry-based learning techniques, so that he or she not only understands the questions, but also learns how to find the answers.


Our PREP students learn to use technology as a resource tool as they participate in problem solving activities reinforcing their understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  Your child will be exposed to Spanish as the language is incorporated throughout the day in songs and games to train the ear and the brain for additional language learning.


Service learning and social studies projects will provide your child with an understanding of his or her community. Through these assignments, your child will learn that he or she can truly make a difference. Our social and emotional learning time will prepare your child to negotiate the larger group and class sizes later experienced in the kindergarten classroom.  This time equips your child for subsequent educational experiences by helping him or her to learn to follow classroom rules, work with other children, and practice social skills.


Parent conferences are scheduled in the fall and spring. However, parents are encouraged to visit the PREP classroom and observe their child learning and having fun. 


Our classrooms are designed for exploration enabling a child to build with blocks and other materials, pretend in the home living area, paint a masterpiece, explore books, and learn math skills by playing with a variety of toys.

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Preschooler Playing with Blocks