The Merit School to Send Volunteer on LifeTouch Memory Mission Trip


The Merit School of Gainesville was selected by LifeTouch to send a volunteer with their annual Memory Mission Trip in January, 2018.  We are proud to announce that Lori Ann Foster, Director at our Merit School of Gainesville will be accompanying the group as they continue their efforts in building a school in Constanza, Dominican Republic.  She will be working on the cafeteria of the school which will include construction and painting. 

Ms. Foster will spend 9 days in the Dominican Republic.  She is excited about the trip and looking forward to learning more about the families, traditions and culture of the Dominican Republic.  She is particularly interested in making a difference in the lives of other people and she’s grateful to have such a wonderful opportunity!    Anyone interested in donating to this project can visit:

“We can make big differences with small contributions,” Ms. Foster said, when asked about being part of this incredible opportunity.  




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